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Ashley White takes a lover

Ashley White takes a lover [part 1 of 6]
By: Lucky

Ashley White was fuming! She was livid with rage. She'd tried once again to get her husband to have sex with her, to no avail.

"What's your problem, Roger? I know it's not me. Before we met I had lots of boyfriends, more than my share of lovers, and nobody ever refused to have sex with me. But you, my adoring husband, most of the time you act as though I'm not even here! No, you act as though you don't know what's going on. No, you ... ," and she threw her hands up in despair.

Her husband looked at her with his not quite empty expression, which infuriated her even more. His handsome face was placid, void of expression. It was as though she was talking about her day while she dried the dishes. He just didn't get it!

"Roger, are you listening to me!" He was, but apparently it was in some other language. "I've tried to seduce you, I've tried to sneak up on you and jump you, I've just about begged you and tried everything I could think of. I'm at the point that I demand you provide sex! And if you aren't willing to do it yourself, find someone to fill in for you, a mercenary if you will." With that she rolled over in bed, the iron in her will hoping he might reach out to her, caress her, but after a few minutes she realized that his breathing had settled into the soft rhythm of sleep.

Infuriated even more now, Ashley ripped the covers from them both, the night breeze from the open window a cool caress on her naked body. Her anger began to abate as her thoughts turned to fantasies about sex. Her fingers went to her nipples, tingling now from her touch. Her fingertips traced the curve of her lush breasts, down her slim flanks, sending slight chills to her pussy. She had always been quick to heat up and now, with this dearth of sex, it was nearly immediate. Her imagination was taking over and the hands on her flesh were his, although she had no distinct picture of the imagined him. She laughed, thinking that in her present state any man would likely do. But then she began to feel guilty, that she should think of another man but her husband touching her, making love to her. She had always been faithful, no matter how sex starved she had been. But lately, it had been intolerable and she had craved sex like some slutty nymphomaniac.

In a matter of minutes the fingers of one hand were ramming into her wet pussy, the wetness creating a splashing sound like a plumber working on a clogged drain. Her other hand was pressed to her ripe breast, pinching her nipple until she came, groaning aloud, hoping that Roger might awaken and take her, but as her breathing slowed she felt a tear at the edge of her eye; it was useless, he was useless, and now she felt even worse.

When she woke up Roger was gone, he always left for work before she was awake. She felt relieved to be alone in her house, and in part from having played with her aching-for-sex pussy as she listened to Roger sleeping beside her, at peace in his remote little world. No, after her quite successful but not totally satisfying orgasm she'd gotten out of bed to roam the midnight-dark house. She dare not go into the kitchen, not wanting to end up having the refrigerator be her only source of gratification.

When Ashley had begun masturbating, over a year ago now, the guilt had been crushing, with her mind trying to block out fantasies of the husbands of her friends having sex with her, and if by chance she would see one of them she could feel her face redden with shame. But gradually the guilt had lessened and now it was only a fleeting thought as she brought herself sexual solace.

"I am still attractive! I'm still young, mid-twenties isn't that old. Long blonde hair, which I keep looking good with expensive cuts and even more expensive highlights; I'm told my eyes are killer blue, enough guys have told me that; I have a good teeth and a sexy mouth, a great shape, I dress nicely, I have a good sense of humor, I can play sports and even talk about them if I have to. So what is his fucking problem!" She had to laugh at her unintentional pun, and she realized that she was talking out loud to herself. Again.

These private monologues went on for a week, and gradually Ashley came to a conclusion.

"This morning is too glorious to ruin it with my whining. Fuck that, I'm going to do something about this. That mercenary comment was just an angry spur of the moment thing, but this is it. Why I still love him I have no idea, and I know he's not fucking around on me, I'd kill him for that, but I have to get some satisfaction or I'll lose my mind! And I will not feel guilty about it!"

An hour later Ashley was doing the laundry, minimally dressed in an old pair of cut off gray sweat pants, so high they showed the cheeks of her tight ass, so loose she could feel the breeze on her nude lips (which she'd shaved in one of her many attempts to entice Roger, to no avail, but now she kept them shaved, with her mound nicely trimmed), and a deep rose faded sweat shirt, the arms and shoulders cut off, the waist band as well, so the only thing covered were her breasts, and since she'd cut the neck band out the tops were also on display. "I may as well be naked." A nice thought.

"What can I do?" Her mind wouldn't let it go now. "Not a bar, I haven't been in a bar since college. Shit, I haven't a clue."

She was leaning against the washer as it spun on the last leg of the cycle. She felt the vibrations as the machine picked up speed, and she turned her body, lay forward, pressing her trim hips against the cool metal casing. "Oh, just what I need now," and she squirmed to press her wanton pussy against the machine, chuckling as the vibrating thumps began to do their magic. There came into her mind an "Ah ha!" moment, and after the spinning stopped she put the clothes in the dryer and went into the kitchen, to the phone, her pussy still tingling from her brief but interrupted ride.

""Yes, this is Mrs. White, Ashley White," and she gave the address. "My washer is getting a lot of water all over the laundry floor. Can you send someone right away?" She heard a muffled conversation, and the dispatcher was on the phone, asking for her address again, and her name. She was in luck, a repair truck was leaving immediately, he'd be there shortly.

Ashley raced upstairs and into the shower. She wanted to be at her best for whoever showed up. She rinsed off, dried and brushed her hair, then added just a bit of makeup, and was about to find some nice shorts and a top but then decided, "Fuck it! In for a penny, in for a pound," and she put her ragged sweats on again, looked in the mirror, almost changed her mind, but didn't.

"Shoes? High heels? I have great legs, but not with this outfit," and she padded back to the laundry room barefoot, threw a small pail of water on the floor in front of the washer and went to the front window in time to see the repair truck approaching. "Oh, damn, my nipples are getting hard," and she pinched them, "ummmm!"

"Yes, I'm Mrs. White, but Ashley is better. Please come in," and she smiled as he ravished her with his eyes, felt the blush as it covered her face and chest. He was a few years older than she, early thirties was her guess, with short dark hair over an almost handsome face, and she could see that his uniform showed his physique to perfection, from his broad shoulders to his prominent package. The name tag over his heart told her that he was Tom.

"You don't mind if I call you Tom?", and when he nodded she continued. "Tom, I don't know what's wrong, but I'm sure you can figure it out." She held his gaze to judge his reaction but he merely stared back, and she couldn't tell if he was hiding or hadn't gotten her meaning, so she continued. "One minute I was waiting for the spin cycle to end, and then I realized my feet were getting wet," glancing down at her red painted toenails, leaning far enough over to let him get a peek into the sweatshirt. He caught the lie immediately, but she didn't care, and neither did he. No sense beating around the bush; he probably had her number as soon as he saw those perky nipples.

"I think I know what the problem is, but I'll need a better look at things." Of course, that might sound completely innocent, but Ashley knew that he was testing the waters to be sure that he was reading the situation correctly. And she was right, Tom was thinking that he was probably going to get lucky here, but on the off chance that she was only teasing him he should be on his guard. A quick piece of ass, even one so good looking as this one, wasn't worth his job.

"Well, I don't want to distract you so I'll just take this dry laundry up to the bedroom and wait, so do what you have to do." With that Ashley turned, showing him her gorgeous butt, which she kept toned and firm from regular walking and swimming, and bent to pick up the small basket, and as she did she hoped that he was looking at not only her lovely cheeks but also, a bit lower, at the lips of her very wet pussy.

As an after-thought she decided to make certain that he would have no doubts. "Come upstairs when you're finished here," and she sauntered away, her hips swaying gently. Over her shoulder she said in a husky voice, "I'll be ready for you," then thought, oh, fuck, that's way too much!

Tom quickly removed the front casing of the washer and immediately knew that this was a set up. There was no water anywhere near the pump outlet, no dripping hoses or connections. Just to be sure he ran the washer through the initial cycle to get some water in the tub, then skipped forward to the spin cycle. Sure enough, the tub emptied with no water going anywhere but through the drain hose. He replaced the panel and quickly replayed the scenario in his mind. The only conclusion he could come up with was the lonely housewife wanting some quick action while her husband was away. This wasn't the first time he'd run into this.

A few minutes later she heard faint steps on the carpet in the hallway. "In here, I'm ready for you," and as he appeared in the doorway she walked to him, her luscious breasts jiggling with each step. "Did you find the problem?"

"To be honest, Mrs. White ... ," and she interrupted him.

"Call me Ashley."

"Well, Ashley, I looked, but I didn't find anything. I'm sure it's okay now, but you should keep and eye on it next time you use it. Now, I think I should go."

Ashley couldn't believe it! What do I have to do to get laid?, she said to herself. "Tom, thanks. I'm sorry to have taken up your time, but before you go how about something to drink. I know how hot it is out there," and she walked out of the bedroom, hearing Tom follow her back downstairs to the kitchen.

"I really should go now, uh, Ashley, but I guess I can stay for a few minutes. Something wet would be nice." That was the 'ah ha!' moment for her!

Ashley opened the refrigerator, leaned to look inside, feeling the thin strip of her cut-off shorts wedged in her pussy lips, covering only the little star in the middle of her ass cheeks. "Oh, good," she replied, her heart racing now, "I think I can give you something."

Tom thought this was the easiest piece he'd ever run into, low hanging fruit, to be sure. This lady was ripe for the plucking, and fucking. Very attractive, great body with really superb tits, and he could almost smell her wet pussy. That sheen on her thighs sure wasn't sweat.

He took the few steps across the kitchen, Ashley's body tensing as she heard the thick rubber soles of his work shoes squeaking on the tiles. When his hands touched her waist she gasped, looked over her shoulder quickly, her smile letting him know it was okay.

"Can I help you with anything?" They both knew it wasn't a question.

She could barely get the words out. "I need ... , um, ...," and he pulled her upright. She leaned back, against him, feeling his hardness through the thick fabric of his work pants pressing into the cleft of her butt. Her voice was trembling, her words came out in a rough whisper and she turned to him. "Please," as she felt his hands in her long hair, pulling her head back, leaning in to kiss her throat. Both of them were ready, more than ready, foreplay was over. He moved back a half step, his foot pushing her feet apart; her legs widened and she gasped. Ashley suddenly realized that she was no longer in charge of the situation and relief flooded her mind, vanquishing any vestiges of guilt that may have been lingering there.

Tom pulled her to him, his hands on the soft flesh of her hips until one hand dropped lower to investigate her pussy, and, no surprise to him, found it already slippery. "Oh, yeah, you're right, it's a case of too much wetness."

"I bet you can do something about that." Ashley's voice was trembling, she was breathing faster now, quick gasps as his fingers began probing within her sodden slit. She raised her head, her heart beating fiercely beneath her heaving breasts as their lips met, then their tongues. She pulled her top off, her nipples were burning as they brushed across the rough material of his shirt, and then her fingers were at work at his belt.

She smiled, more to herself than to him, and she dropped to her knees, smiling again as she saw how lucky she was today. Ashley loved big cocks. She found this one to be thick and hard, and as she pulled the foreskin back found that she wasn't the only one wet, the large head already was covered with precum, which she licked away with one swipe of her tongue, then eased her lips over the ridge of his helmet, sucking gently, wanting to make it last, it had been so long, too long! He gripped her shoulders as she took him into her mouth, her tongue sliding along the shaft, leaving a slippery trail of sensation in its wake. He knew after a few minutes of exquisite pleasure that if he didn't stop her now he wouldn't last much longer with this talented woman.

"Upstairs, Ashley, now," and he pulled her to her feet. She gave a small groan of protest but her belly began getting those butterfly feelings at the commanding tone he used, those feelings that told her that she wanted more of his strong demanding direction. She led him quickly up the stairs, her nearly naked ass making him smile as he followed.

Ashley's mind was working a mile a minute, considering where to take him. One of the spare rooms? The exercise room might be fun. Not her bedroom, their bedroom. She laughed, why not? Using the marital chamber might bring it luck, and a little more action in the future. She felt his hands pulling her shorts down, then they were both undressing him, her fingers at his shirt buttons as he stepped out of his shoes, pants and shorts, pulled off his socks.

"You're beautiful," and she meant it, her voice soft and low. He wasn't handsome but his face had that masculine attractiveness that made women get damp, and his body was strong from daily exertion, not sculpted from the gym. She lay a hand on his chest, felt his heart thumping. He kissed her, their tongues now more than comfortable with each other, their hands pulling at each other, fingers probing, nails scraping.

Tom picked her up, moved the few steps to the bed and laid her on her back, her head over the edge of the mattress, his hands caressing her body from lips to lips. Ashley knew all about this, she had been seduced into a three-way by her boyfriend in college, with his roommate. Her boyfriend had knelt on the bed between her outstretched legs as his best friend stood at the foot of the bed and face fucked her. Her only threesome, but it was forever burned into her erotic memory as the best sex she had ever experienced.

Tom stood over her, then bent and retrieved his phone from his shirt pocket, tapped the speed dial. Ashley wondered what was up, was he calling a friend, would this turn into some kind of gangbang with the guys in his shop? Suddenly she began to panic.

"Hey, I'll be held up here for about an hour, maybe two. Send Ray out for anything important that can't wait until tomorrow." He smiled as he listened. "Yeah, I'll stop and get lunch, phone the order in."

"An hour, maybe two? Aren't you afraid of getting fired?"

"It's my business; I only go out on calls when no one else is around. My lucky day today," and he gave her a grin that melted her heart.

She shivered as Tom pinched her nipples, groaned as he licked them while his hands spread her legs; she felt his cock deep in her throat as he leaned over her, his tongue flicking at her clit. Ashley bent her legs, pressed the soles of her feet against each other, straining as her nerves began firing. She could barely breathe but she came, a fast hard orgasm that only made her crave more. He stepped back enough to hold her head in his hands, his shining cock head was right there in front of her face. She looked up at him with adoring eyes, took him into her mouth again, her teeth lightly grazing the bottom side of the shaft as he pushed in, her fingers tracing trails of sensation on his balls.

Oh, this was too good, he had to cum. He fucked her face, no other words for it, and she gagged but kept sucking him, his balls slapping against her forehead.

He pulled her off the bed, spun her around and spread her cheeks. "No, not there, please," but she needn't have worried, he wasn't interested in anything but her pussy. He bent behind her and pushed her onto the bed again, spread her legs and licked, sending shivers through her body. His fingers made way for his tongue, sucking on her lips as her juices seeped into his mouth until she was shaking in another climax.

While she was still gasping for breath, her hips still straining in ecstasy, he spread her cheeks again, rubbed his dripping cock down over her tight brown knot, and pushed into her pussy in one long delicious thrust. Her senses were so highly tuned now that she could hear the sound made by his cock slipping through her wetness.

"Tom, fuck me, ah, yes, just like that," as he rammed into her, his hands gripping her breasts, pulling her nipples until she screamed, and when he felt her cunt tighten around him he shoved his thumb into her ass and he came, driving as deep into her as he could, his body jerking with each spurt of his lust. Ashley fell forward, her screams muffled by the bedspread, which she held onto with clenched fists.

She felt empty when he pulled out of her, but she was dimly aware that he hadn't merely slipped out, he was still hard. He crawled onto the bed and Ashley pushed him down. "My turn now," and she held his rampant cock with both hands as she straddled him, looking into his blue eyes while she let her body descend, her eyes rolling back in her head as the ecstasy overtook her. When they were completely joined she gripped his hands and they fucked for what seemed like hours. No words were spoken. They went from slow and easy lovemaking to hard and fast fucking, with Ashley cumming nearly continuously. She'd never experienced anything remotely like this and in the back of her mind she wondered how long she could continue this kind of behavior and still maintain her normal life. Then Tom came again; she rocked in yet another orgasm, and when she could breath normally they were lying face to face on their sides, sweating, exhausted, smiling.

They talked for more than a few minutes and Tom realized that, aside from her luscious body and the incredible sex, he liked this woman. He'd have to find a way to see her again. But she beat him to it.

"I think I'll need a follow up servicing next week."

"Sorry, I'm booked solid next week ... ," and her lovely eyes saddened as she frowned, " ... but tomorrow is wide open."

Cuckolding The Married Man Ch. 2

Cuckolding The Married Man Ch. 2 [part 2 of 4]
By: DG Hear (

Cuckolding: The Married Man Ch. 02 by DG Hear

You may want to read Chapter 1 if you haven't already done so.

The Investigation:

The lead officer asked another officer to take my wife into the other room and talk with her. They said they were going to take me down to the station and talk with me there. The ambulance had arrived and the two guys were to be taken to the hospital under armed guards till this could be figured out.

I couldn't believe it. My wife was raped and I was arrested. I gave my story to the police, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as to what I'd seen and done. Specifically, that I had come home for my birthday surprise and found my wife being raped. I took quick action, hopefully like any husband would do. I beat the shit out of one of the bastards and then went after the other. I reached in our night stand where I kept a .22 revolver, grabbed it and ran out after the black son of a bitch. I aimed for his ass. Even though I wanted to kill his sorry ass I thought I'd just aim to maim. I told them after I grabbed for my pistol I told my wife to call 911. . My wife gave her statement to the police though I didn't know at the time what she said, the black dude gave his statement, and then after regaining consciousness the white dude gave his. I was then arrested for assault and battery with intent to kill, as well as for attempted murder; I couldn't believe it.

I thought, "What the hell is going on? What kind of justice is this?"

They told me at the station that my wife was not raped and had indeed invited the men over for the sexual cuckolding of me. I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't believe it. Why would she do such a stupid thing? I was told that I would get a lawyer first thing in the morning and maybe could see a judge about posting bond. I was almost glad to be in jail that night. I didn't want to see her, I needed time to figure out what the hell had happened.

The next morning I was talking to my lawyer. He said he believed me but just didn't know how it would go for me. I did do some of the things that I was accused of but I really believed my wife was being raped. He did get a judge to let me post bond. It was $100,000 of which I had to post ten percent. I had to cash in my savings to get that kind of money; my lawyer took care of it for me. I was also told that my wife wanted to see me.

I told him no, that I couldn't see or talk to her right now so they sent her home.

After posting bond I had to find a place to stay until the trial. It would be at least two months. I would not go home, I didn't want to see Mary or the kids either. I didn't know what to say to the people closest to me. My life just crumbled in front of me. For some reason I called Roger, June's ex-husband. I told him my situation and told him I needed a place to stay till I could find a place of my own. He let me stay with him. He really was a nice guy until June fucked over him, then he became angry just like me.

I called work and took my whole four weeks of vacation so I could get myself in order and think straight. I wasn't ready to face the people at work either. After a few days Mary found out where I was staying after Roger got a call from June.

She told him Mary was looking for me. He asked her what part she had in this and of course she said nothing. He then asked her if she was out with Mary the night before.

She became silent and asked Roger, "Do you know where Dan is?"

He said, "Answer my damn question, June. Were you out with Mary on Thursday night?

She said, "Yes, we went out.

Roger said, "And. . .?"

Then June said, "We were going to find a date for Mary for Friday to cuckold Dan with. It was a birthday present for him. It was his fantasy."

Roger said, "I don't believe this shit about Dan. He's no wimp. So what happened next?"

She said, "Roger, I shouldn't be telling you this. . . ."

Roger broke in and said, "You owe me. You took our love and crushed it, now Mary is doing the same to Dan."

She said, "Mary said it's what Dan wanted."

"That's bull shit and you know it," Roger said. "No man wants his wife to cuckold him. He's not much of a man if he does and she isn't much of a wife if she does it to him. Then what happen Thursday, June?"

"Mary needed to find someone to help her. I took her to a couple of places that I go for friendship."

Roger jumped in and asked, "You mean to find a fuck, don't you?

"Roger, we aren't married anymore. What I do is my business."

He said, "I know but I do have feelings for you and worry about you even though we're divorced. We did have some good years together till I just wasn't enough for you." She never spoke.

Then he said, "Go on, what happened next?"

"I introduced her to a friend of mine named Ralph. He was sitting with a black guy by the name of Jim. We all sat in a booth and started talking. Mary said what she was looking for was a way to surprise her husband on his birthday. The guys just started laughing. They said they heard of guys like that but hadn't ever met any."

Ralph said, "Hopefully there aren't that many like that out there. What a sorry excuse for a man. What did you do then, fuck these guys?

"Stop it!" June said. "We didn't fuck them."

Ralph said, "The way you said that you two did something with them. What did you do, June?"

"They said if they were going to do Mary this favor on Friday that they needed a little taste to close the deal. So we went over to Ralph's apartment and they felt Mary up. They were getting her hot and ready. They fingered her and sucked on her tits."

"What were you doing, June, during this time?"

"I was watching and getting hot. It's a turn on to watch sex going on in front of me. Then they pulled their cocks out. It was the first time either Mary or I had seen a black one. It wasn't at all like you hear about. It was about the same size as Ralph's but really black. They looked at Mary and said she had to taste them now if she wanted them tomorrow night. She was hot. She would have fucked them if they would have asked.

"Ralph was teasing Mary with his dick, putting it up by her mouth. Then she opened it up and he started fucking her mouth. Jim looked over at me and asked, 'Ever suck a black one?' I was horny now myself and shook my head no and he approached me. I asked, 'What about Mary?'"

"He said, 'She can taste it tomorrow.'"

"I slowly opened my mouth and started sucking it. I'm sorry, Roger, I'm sorry I did it. I was just in need of the sex."

Roger said, "Yep! And that's why we are divorced today. What happened next?"

"They came and then after pulling out, they laughed. Then they made their appointment with Mary for Friday. They asked if I was going to be there and I told them 'No, this was Mary's party for Dan.'"

Roger did say that I was staying with him till I found a place of my own and that I didn't want Mary calling there. He said a few more personal things to June before hanging up.

I was sitting there all this time listening to Roger talk to June. After he hung up he told me the story June told him. My stomach was becoming upset again; I was able to hold it down this time. Shortly after June's call the phone rang again. It was Mary. She was crying and said she needed to talk to me.

I told Ralph to tell her to talk to my lawyer and if it was about sex to call Ralph and Jim and then told him to hang up.

Ralph said, "She was crying."

I said, "They always cry when doing something wrong and getting caught."

Ralph replied, "You got that right."

A few days later I found an apartment in the same building as Ralph. It was small but it was furnished. I did have a bed to sleep on. I called my lawyer and told him I needed some of my personal things from the house but I didn't want to go when Mary was there. He set up an appointment for me to go and went along with me.

I shook when I first entered my bedroom. This was the room that changed my life. There was no bedding on the bed like no one was sleeping in there. I got out a couple of suitcases and put my personal belongings into it. I didn't want anything else. I looked into the guest room and saw where Mary must be sleeping because all her toiletries were in there. I had to leave. You just don't know the feeling you get when looking at the so-called crime scene.

As my lawyer and I walked out the door, my daughter Marie came running up to me from down the street yelling, "Daddy, Daddy."

The tears just sprung from my eyes. She was my little girl and I missed her.

She said, "Daddy. what happened?"

I replied, "Sweetheart, I can't say anything to you right now. If you have any questions, you have to ask your mother."

She said, "But, Dad, whenever we go to talk to her she said she made a really big mistake and starts crying. What did she do, Dad, what did she do?"

I just shook my head.

"God, Dad, we want you home so bad. Please come home. Please!"

I said, "Sweetheart, I can't do that right now. I know you have some idea about me fighting with some other guys. You're really smart and I know you know more than you're saying. All I can tell you is I have to hope that I don't go to jail for what I did. This is my lawyer, Bob, and we are doing everything we can to end this nightmare."

We hugged and we cried and then I gave her my new cell phone number in case she needed to talk. I asked her not to give the number to her mom. If she got in an argument with her mom about the number, then she could give it to her. They both had a lot of problems to deal with without arguing with each other. I told her to take care of her mom. She probably needed support right now. Then I turned around and left.

A couple of days later my lawyer called. He said Mary needed to talk to me.

I told him, "I haven't seen or talked to her for three weeks since this happened."

He said, "We have to talk to her and get her complete side of the story before the trial. Yes, it looks like you are going to trial. She is the prosecutor's lead witness. Even though she doesn't want to testify, they are forcing her too. We need to know for sure her side of the story."

I told him, "I thought a wife couldn't be forced to testify against her husband?"

He said,"That's true in some cases. That's why we need to know what she has to say! I can take it to a judge and maybe she won't have to testify."

"I will meet with her, but only in your presence and in your office."

He thought that would be wise. The next day I went to his office and there sat Mary. She was crying before I even entered the room. Seeing her cry brought tears to my eyes but all I had to do is remember what she did to our marriage. She wanted to get up and hug me but I just backed away.

The lawyer took us into a meeting room with a large rectangular table and chairs all around it. We sat at one end of the table with me on one side, Mary on the other and my lawyer at the end. The first thing that the lawyer said is that Mary is entitled to counsel for this meeting.

She said she didn't want counsel, she just wanted to tell her side to me. My lawyer had her sign a waver so no one could say she wasn't offered counsel.

My lawyer then mentioned that this meeting will be taped.

Mary said, "You mean this is going on pubic record?"

"No," the lawyer said, "our private records. I need it for the Judge to hear to see if you can get out of testifying against your husband."

Mary screamed out, "I don't want to testify against him,. God, I love him."

Mary began her talk, saying, "Sex between Dan and I has always been great. We have fantasies that make them even better. I love this man with all my heart and soul."

I butted in then, "Why in the hell..."

My lawyer jumped in and said, "Dan, you have to be quiet and listen. This is her deposition and we need it. Please try not to interfere with it. I know it's going to be hard on you but your speaking up can only hurt you."

I looked at Mary and said, "No more than it already has. I'll do my best to keep quiet."

Mary continued, "I love this man. I just thought I might improve our sex lives even more. (I was really looking mad.) He kept telling me in his fantasies how all these men wanted to have me, and we were both really getting turned on by it. I've had fantasies too. Dan was the only man I have ever been with. So during our fantasies I often wondered how it might feel like with some of the other men Dan talked about. I thought Dan would really get turned on by watching me have sex with another guy since he did in the fantasy. It would only be sex, I could never love anyone else, never.

"I talked with June and she said she has had a few lovers. She said she wished her ex-husband Roger would be as understanding as my Dan. So I kept getting the feeling that this would be good for us. I started trying to figure out when we could do it. Then I remembered Dan's fiftieth birthday. I don't know now what I was thinking. But I decided to have a three way with Dan; that was one of our fantasies. Then I asked June for help in finding someone.

"We set up Thursday to go hunting for Dan's present. After we went to a few bars we came to the one with Ralph and Jim in it."

"June said, 'I think we hit pay dirt. Ralph over there has a nice cock and knows how to use it.' I think by that time I was thinking more about what I would get out of this than for Dan." She looked over at Dan and said, "Sorry, Dan, I'm so sorry as tears filled her eyes."

"We went up and started talking to Ralph and he introduced Jim. We asked Ralph if we could talk to him in private? He said he kept no secrets from Jim and they both laughed. Then he said, 'Come on over to the booth and the four of us can talk.' The man did have a way with words."

"When we got to the table, my," and she hesitated, then looked at Dan and said, "vagina was already wet thinking about the chance of having sex with somebody different. I proceeded to explain the situation to Ralph about Dan's fantasy not realizing it was really mine. Damn, what a stupid, stupid woman I am."

I just looked down and shook his head.

Mary continued, "Ralph looked up and asked, 'Do you have black men in these fantasies?' I didn't realize at the time but he was asking me about my fantasies."

"I said, 'Yes.'

"He then asked, 'How about more than one guy fantasies?'"

"I said, 'Yes,' again.

"Then he looked at Jim and asked, 'How about both of us? That should really please your husband.'

"I just said, 'That would be great.' I almost came just thinking about it. Why did I think Dan wanted this? I know now I was thinking about me, not Dan."

"Ralph said that they would do it if they could have a little preview. I looked at them and said not today, tomorrow."

"Ralph looked at me and said, "Honey, we want to see the goods tonight. We promise we won't fuck you. We promise, but if you don't show us the goods today we don't know if you will go through with it tomorrow."

"Like an idiot, I said, 'Okay, as long as you promise not to fuck me.' How naive could I be? My pussy was talking, not my brain."

"June was even getting turned on by the conversation. Who wouldn't? It was wild sex talk. We went over to Ralph's apartment. As soon as we got in the door, we sat on the couch and June on the chair. God, Dan, this part is so hard to say to you but I know I have to tell you everything. With one guy on either side of me they started in. Damn, they were feeling up my boobs, then they unzipped my dress and undid my bra. Damn I was hot. Then Ralph put his hand under my dress and started rubbing my mound. I couldn't help it. All these fantasies were coming to life. Ralph put his fingers in me and I came almost immediately."

"Then they both pulled out their cocks and that was the first time since making love to Dan that I was that close to another man's cock. Then I looked over and saw a black cock for the first time ever. When Ralph held his up to may face, I sucked him. Oh, God, I sucked off another man, not my husband."

"Jim told me I could suck him on Friday, that June looked like she needed attention. She grabbed his black cock and started sucking it."

Mary was sitting there a nervous wreck. She was shaking. I didn't know if she was remembering how it felt or because she had done it. Damn her, damn her!

My lawyer saw how upset she had become, stopped the recorder and asked her if she wanted a glass of water . She said, "please," and held the glass with both hands. She stared away from me, not wanting to look at me. I had to get out of there for a minute.

I told Bob, my lawyer, that I had to use the rest room. Mary looked up, saw me leave and started to get up.

Bob said, "Sit down, Mary, he'll be right back. He needed a break too."

I went in the rest room to wash my face and to calm down. I was not sexually aroused, I was mad enough to kill someone. After getting my temper back in order I went back in the room. They turned the recorder back on and Mary continued her deposition.

She said, "I told Ralph and Jim to come by at 8:30 p.m. on Friday. That would give us a half hour to get ready for Dan. I gave them my address and they laughed as June and I left."

"June said, 'I can't believe what just happened. We acted like of couple of sluts.'

That scared me and I said, 'June, I'm no slut. I'm only doing it for Dan.' Who was I kidding? I can't believe any of it now. So, so stupid."

"I had all the lights dimmed and the bedroom ready when they arrived on Friday. I had taken a shower and put on a new nighty I had bought for the occasion. Dan never even got a chance to see it. The minute they came in they forced me into the bedroom."

"I told them, 'No, we have to wait for Dan. We have to wait for Dan!'"

"They said, 'No way, baby, you wanted us here at 8:30 and here we are. Times a wasting,' and grabbed me and threw me on the bed."

"They laterally ripped my new nighty off and started grabbing at me. They weren't nice like they were the night before. Ralph grabbed my legs and picked them up and jabbed his cock in me. He wasn't gentle like Dan. It hurt, it hurt bad."

"I kept telling them to stop and wait for Dan and they laughed at me. Jim took off his pants and climbed on my chest and put his black cock in my mouth. There was no sensuality there, just raw sex, and I didn't like it. Then I turned to the door and saw Dan."

"This wasn't how it was suppose to be. It was suppose to be fun, loving and an intimate thing for Dan and I. You know what happened from that point on."

I just sat there shaking my head back and forth.

"Is there anything else you would like to say?" Bob asked.

"No, just that I am truly sorry for what happened. It wasn't suppose to be like that."

Bob looked at Mary and asked, "Is everything you told us the truth? The whole truth?"

Mary said, "Yes."

Then Bob asked, "Did you tell the police that they forced themselves on you?"

Mary said, "No, because I invited them in."

"Did you ever tell them to stop at any time?"

"Yes, of course. You heard me on the tape when I told them ?no, we have to wait for Dan.'"

"Did you mention that to the police?"

She said, "No, I didn't think about it at the time."

"Did you ever tell them to stop?"

Mary said, "You know I did. I just told you on the tape."

"Did you mention that to the police?"

Mary said, "No, I was so confused and I don't know much about the law. I figured since I invited them in that it was all my fault. Now I realize I was raped."

Bob said, "Thank you very much, Mary. I know this was hard for you but it will be a great help."

Bob looked at me and asked, "Dan, do you want to say anything?"

I was physically shaken by Mary's testimony but I had to tell her a few things.

I looked at her and said, "Mary, for over 25 years I have given you all my love. I couldn't have loved you more. Even right now, this day I truly love you." A tear came to Mary's eyes.

"But I also hate you. I hate what you did to me, what you did to us, what you did to our family, and yes, Mary, even what you did to yourself. You did make yourself a slut for other men.

"You said you did it for me. If that's true then why didn't you pick a fantasy of a good looking woman, maybe even a black one, with a great body and nice tits. I could have done her while you watched. I could have gotten between her legs and ate out her cunt while you just sat there. She could have given me a blow job and then I could have fucked her royally while you watched. Then I could have put my cock up her ass till she came. Then you could have sucked her shit off my cock.

"How does that sound, Mary?" She was crying. "Well, Mary, would you have liked that?"

She said, "No, Dan," very quietly.

I said, "What, Mary? I can't hear you."

She said, "No, Dan, I don't want to see you with another woman."

"Why not, Mary?"

She said, "Because I love you, Dan, and I want to be your woman. I don't want to see you with other women," as she cried loudly.

I said, "Then, Mary, what would make you think that I would want to see you with other men? Keep thinking about it, Mary, and just maybe you'll get an idea how I feel."

She looked at me and said, "Dan, I'm so sorry."

I said, "Of course you are but sorry doesn't cut it right now." Then I got up and walked out.

Bob had an appointment with the judge and prosecutor. After both of them listened to Mary's deposition the judge said she would not have to testify for the prosecution against her husband. Bob asked the prosecutor about Mary's allegation about the rape charges, where she said she told them to stop, her saying no and of course them forcing themselves on her.

The prosecutor said, "She might have just changed her story to help her husband. She didn't say it to the police. I believe we still have a strong case even without Mary's testimony and we are going to continue to prosecute Dan."

I had to start back to work but kept a low profile. I put in my time and then went back to my apartment. I didn't talk to Mary. I really missed her but after what she did I didn't know if I could ever forgive her. I talked to my daughter Marie every couple of days. I wanted to keep in touch and at the same time find out what Mary was doing. My other married kids talked to me about once a week. The situation was a strain on everyone.

Marie did get her mother to talk to her and tell her what happened. Mary tried to explain without getting too much into the intimate details. Marie was so mad she got up and walked out on her mom. She said she would stay with a friend till she cools down. A few days latter she went back home to see her mom. They both just sat down and cried. They wanted to hold their family together and right now all they had was each other. Even though she hated what she did to me she still loved her.

Comments are welcome and appreciated DG Hear

Monday, September 13, 2010

Le Doctor

Le Doctor
By: Doctor Wankenstein

She took an hour and a half to tell it me and 6 glasses of wine. Something Lyn told me about last Tuesday,

She's in London most of the time and was suffering with stomach cramps , which she's had before, and had to have some treatment for. Woman trouble, you know. Her local GP referred her to a clinic in London and she had to go there. This nurse sees her in, black girl, and Lyn says she's absolutely stunning, and she was thinking how terribly embarrassed she'd be if she was a bloke in there for something, and if they had to undress in front of this beauty.

The nurse has Lyn undress and put a gown on and takes her blood pressure, etc, and then shows her in to see the doctor. Well, funny she should think that about the nurse, because this doctor is about the most good looking bloke she's ever seen, tall dark, very French and just putting his rubber gloves on in order to become intimately acquainted with her innards.

She's helped onto the couch and nursie puts her in the stirrups. He clamps her and get his tools up there and has a good look round, she's uncomfortable, but she's fairly unexposed under the sheet thing, considering, and the cold metal is enough to keep her from any kind of arousal. Ah, but there was more to come, Doc wants her naked and nursie gets an unwilling Lyn out of her gown, and takes the sheet away, so she's starkers, in these stirrups, legs akimbo, Doc is giving her a lengthy internal, including at one point having a thumb in puss and a finger up her arse and squeezing the wall in between, before taking the gloves off and examining her breasts. He takes a few swabs and scrapes and says they'll call her later with any results.

Poor Lyn stumbles off on her jelly legs and feels very strange about the whole experience.

6 pm. Lyn's hotel room, after trying to work in the afternoon, she found for the first time in her life she'd felt like going to the toilet for DIY relief in the afternoon. Her mobile goes, London number, it's the nurse, but she's connecting the doctor (Dr Varden summat) , Lyn fears bad news but he's all smiles and reassurance, no problem, and it will pass, he's on for about 20 minutes and in the end the cheeky Frenchman does nothing less than asks her out to dinner. To her own surprise she agrees and meets him at 7.30 in her hotel bar, by 8.30 she's on her third huge glass of wine and they've missed their table for dinner. By 9 he's snogging her in an alcove and she's letting him, and not long after that he's got his hand up her dress, she does call a halt there and goes off to the toilet to straighten herself up, when she comes back he's got her room key from the desk, and is at the lift, with a bottle of Champers. She says the strange thing was they didn't say anything, she just got in the lift with him. She said he was acting dead cool , but he wasn't cos he had a big bulge in his trousers (wouldn't we all?).

They got to the room, and she went to get glasses , when she turned round he's just taking his socks off, he's starkers, with lob on proudly on display. He beckons her over to him and she takes the champagne, which he opens and pours her a glass and tells her to take a swig and hold it in her mouth, then he tells her to kneel. Obviously she knows what he wants and she goes to go that licky-job thing (she does because she doesn't like take it in her mouth) but he pushes into her mouth. She swallows her champers and tell him she doesn't swallow, and she doesn't want him to come in her mouth, but Doc's having none of this, he insists she does both. Lyn figures she'll jump ship at the last minute, and he's not that big so as to choke her, but it's as hard a rock. She's just about to get out of the way when he shoots, he's hand assisting, he's holding her head, and it goes everywhere, up her nose, in her mouth, in her face. He's telling her to swallow it, and she's still doing as she's told, she's no idea why other than she's pissed and he has "a way about him". Him cleaned up with her tiny little tongue, he stands her up and takes her dress off, and everything else until she's only wearing her stockings, and tells her to bend over and grab her ankles. He kneels down behind her and his tongue is everywhere, every nook and cranny , very much including licking her bum. He gets her laid out on the bed and hoists her legs as wide apart as they have ever been, and goes down on her "like nothing on earth", he's also got his fingers in there doing "some sort of contra rotating thing" and she said he was practically having to hold her down by this point. She came twice and created quite a pool on the sheet. .

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

Part 2

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

Finally he gets her on her hand and knees on the bed, rolls his condom on, and slips into her her from behind. He starts off holding on to her sussies, on each side of her hips, like a bridle, but soon his hands get busier. He's slipped one hand round to the front and is playing with her pussy, the thumb of the other hand is on her ass, and rubbing gently there. She looks across to the wardrobe door mirror and watches herself, he looks over at her, and offers a very wet finger to her lips, "You dirty sod" she says and sucks his finger, as he watches her in the mirror. As she approaches her orgasm, Varden pulls out , saying he's about to come, and continuing to finger her, he starts gently rubbing his cock between her buttocks, she feels more pressure there, and says to him, don't go up there, but he just groans and very gently pushes into her ass, just as she's coming, oUCH she moans, oof, Oh OH , and just moments later she feels his weight on her as he sags with a great groan. The Doc, very gently withdraws as she gasps her breath back.

"You dirty sod", she says He shrugs "I'm sorry. I had to do it. I am your first lover there, no? If I'd asked you, you would have said no, but I think it did not hurt very much, I think you could like it". "I don't do that. , Yes, you are the first, I've never LET anybody. I've been asked. " "It seems to be your day for exanding the things you do do" "It seems to be my day for expanding my bottom! I'm going to see if I'm bleeding, I'd better not be" "Let me look" (Lyn gingerly bends over again) "No, you're fine, I was very gentle."

"I think I'd better buy you that dinner now." "You don't think I'd go OUT with you after that do you ?" "I think you want to know what happens next" "Bloody nothing happens next. You're a pervert!" "You like it" (Giggles) "I DON'T. You're too bloody sure of yourself, you are." "I will ring you."

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

Part 3 ....a very striking feature of the NetDoctor 2001 survey is the revelation that lesbian feelings are now far more acceptable than they used to be: 96.5 per cent of women described themselves as 'straight,' and only 2.1 per cent said they were 'gay or bisexual', BUT just over 1 in 20 females (5%) reported that they had had 'girl-girl' sex in the past.

And on the question of lesbian fantasies, a whacking 40 per cent of women said that they had had these.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

Lyn sleeps fitfully that night, waking with a hangover and a sore bottom, and very achy legs. She goes to work, attends a meeting, and picks up her messages off her mobile at lunchtime. One on there from Dr Varden wotsit. He casually and confidently says he's meeting some friends for a drink at 7.30, and if she's free, why not meet them, 7.30 , such and such a bar. Just turn up, or ring if she wants a cab. She deletes it. She goes to another meeting: stress, stress and more stress. She has to sack some of her people. All her colleagues up and go and retreat to their BMW's and commuter belt homes, and she's heading back to her hotel.

She , has a bath, has a fantasy, has a little fiddle, and gets dressed to go out. She gets a cab to The Crescent ( the bar mentioned on the voice mail) and wanders in, she spots the doctor who is sitting in an alcove table, with suitably luscious blonde, he gets up, kisses Lyn, which she she lets him, and pours her a large glass of wine. "Lyn, this is Nicole", he says, "she's from Luxembourg but lived for several year in San Francisco, so she speaks French and she speaks English, but she very rarely speaks any sense anyway, eh Nicole?" Nicole giggles and kisses Lyn on both cheeks.

Varden (who Nicole calls Paul, confusingly) disappears for some while and Nicole and Lyn talk. Nicole is gorgeous, charming, funny and enagingly frank. Nicole tells Lyn she'd like her to come with her to a place called Andromeda, which she describes as like a Gentlemen's club but all women. Lyn asks if it's gay, Nicole says not, it's no more gay than the bar they're in, as in some of each, but it's very exclusive, very chic, and it's free. Only those in the know can get in, and Nicole is in the know.

Lyn asks Nicole if she has a boyfriend, Nicole says she lives with an ex, a big Swedish guy who works as a masseur, would you believe, but who has aspirations of being a model. His name is something else, but she calls him Sven, as a joke, and it stuck. Lyn not getting a straight (or bi) answer, asks Nicole if she is gay.

Nicole explains "I lived somewhere very quiet, Luxembourg, and I went to a convent school, then I went to Uni in Paris, which was wild, so many guys and so little time, and then I went to San Francisco to work and there are all these beautiful beautiful men, with all these other beautiful men. There was no one to date, hardly , and I did meet some girls, who I did like, and I did go with some of them. Right now I'm not seeing anyone. So I do what I want."

"What about "Sven"? He's straight?"

"Yeah, he's straight, he'd do a LOT better if he wasn't! " giggles Nicole

Verdan/Paul comes back "You girls going out tonight"?

Nicole tells him she and Lyn are off to Andromeda, (Lyn's not agreed yet, mind) Verdan asks to be dropped off en route, and they hail a cab. In this cab the dirty doc jumps betwixt our 2 heroines and en route complains of trouser problems.

"You like Lyn , do you Paul?" "Mmm hmm, she is very beautiful" "Have you had her yet?" "I don't think you should ask me that" "Mmm. Did you have her bottom, Paul? ( He likes that)"

Nicole pats Doc's trouser tent, and says she's not going to relieve him in a taxi, he will have to go home and do it himself, as he can't come with them. They arrive at Chez doc, doc complains but Nic firmly boots him out of the taxi and gathers Lyn to her, cuddling her, and they both look provocatively back at doc as the cab pulls away. Doc limps up steps to go and pull away himself. Nicole lets go of Lyn, laughing, as they get out of sight. "Sorry", she says "he deserves it. Great lover, rotten boyfriend, keep him in your mobile for a lonely night. He's a little puppy dog when he fancies you"

Lyn was going off him by the minute.

Andromeda was basically a flat, the size of a hotel suite, amongst some other flats above some business premises in Kensington. The security arrangments were texted passwords and coded locks. Lyn and Nicole enter, check their coats and grab some champagne. It's dimly lit, elegant, some chillout album is playing. There are about 20 women there, some very beautiful and vaguely familiar looking. Kate Moss is a patron, and Kirsten Imrie, Lyn is told. It's nice there, and Nicole and Lyn are only approached by waitresses offering more drinks. Some single girls meet at the bar, and two of them leave together, but this is the only mildly odd thing she notices. Nicole is the source of endless stories and it's some time after 2 when she suggests they leave and come another time, as they both have work in the morning. Nicole suggests they go back to hers, and she will get her up in time to get back to her hotel in the a.m.

Lyn takes this as okay and they walk to Nicole's arm in arm. When they get in , Nicole disappears and returns with a book, whcih she shows Lyn, this is Sven she announces, Lyn leafs through it. Sven in modelling poses, muscleman poses, posing pouch, suit, casual, and standing naked with a towel and bucket, shaved. "Eurrrr! He's all bald" says Lyn, " Not now, just when that was taken" says Nicole, who turns the last page, where a hairier Sven is proudly holding the biggest old chap she's ever seen, and it's fully to attention. "Won't he go mad if he find out you've shown me this?" says Lyn "Er no, he's just given it me. He is in there now" "Alone? " "Seemed to be!"

"sOOOooooo, what exactly does he do? And who for ? Just women?" "He massages, just women, he will go to couples but he'll only touch the woman" "And what does he do?" "Massage, aromatheray massage (which I taught him) and sex, if they want, whatever they want. He's very professional, very clean, and he goes on forever, till he wants to, you know, or they want him to" "Does he make a lot of money?" "Yeah, 2 or 3 thousand a month, that's why we share, hard to find anyone who can make the rent. He charges £50 or £75 an hour, but if you want him to stay the night, it's more, maybe £200, £300 a time, depends if he fancies them!" "Who books him? Any famous clients? " "Dead royalty ? Don't ask any more!"

They turn in , Nicole takes the couch , Lyn has her bed, Sven sleeps on. Nothing happens.

Next night, Lyn phones Nicole at home, Sven answers. Nicole isn't there. He says Lyn can get her on mobile later but she's at the cinema, or can he take a message. Lyn says she'll maybe call later but leave her mobile no. A colleague calls and they meet in the bar, 90 minute later, Lyn's had several G&T s and is back in her room watching a movie. There's a text message off a website, it gives an email address for Sven as the source. He's emailed her phone. Message is like a business card. She takes deep breath and texts Sven. Sven's not available til 10, he says, he suggests she come over to the flat about then Nicole will be back about then, and she can see her, and he will do her then, when he's off duty.

Lyn changes and gets a cab to Nicole's, getting there just before. Sven's in, and he answers the door in cycle shorts, Nicole's there too. Sven shows her into the bathroom to get undressed, Nicole comes in and gives her a towel and a little sports vest to put on. A little nervously Lyn strips and puts it on, ties the towel round her waist and pads into Sven's room, where Nicole gets her laid out on the bed, laid on her belly with the towel laid across her bottom. Sven comes in with oils and bits and pieces. He goes on about her skin being dry and her smoking too much. Nicole asks Lyn if she wants her to stay or should she leave her to it. Lyn opts for Nicole to stay, she feels safer that way.

Sven goes to work on Lyn's back, working under the garment where necessary, Lyn responds with loud MMMmms as he works her muscles, later he massages her legs up to the towel line. All very nice. Nicole sips wine and watches impassively. Sven asks her to turn over, which she does, swivelling under the towel. Sven applies more warmed oils to his hands, and asks her if she'd like to take the vest off. He says he can do it with it on but it is much NICER on bare skin. Lyn blushes as she strips the vest off. He stands at her head, working upside down as it were, working her shoulders, her arms, her neck, her hair, and finally her belly , ( he warns her is massaging her gut and she may break wind, many do. She doesn't.) He now hovers over her breasts , "May I ? Is this okay ?" Lyn doesn't answer as such, she closes her eyes, breathes out and nods. His huge hands massage her little breasts perfectly, and mercilessly work on her nipples. "Oh CHRIST" she says and squirms under her towel. "Are you okay? Is it too much ? Do you want me to stop?" Lyn looks at Sven, paying particular attention to the shorts, where all remains impassive. Not a sausage as it were. Not a trace of him feeling like she does right now. Lyn looks at Nicole. Nicole is looking idly out of the window. She turns "Stop teasing her, come on, you swine, you know you want to". She walks over to Lyn, "Come on" she says "Don't be nervous, just enjoy" and with this, Nicole takes the towel and lifts it off her hips, Lyn grabs the near end, but she's already completely naked now. She lets go and looks wide eyed at the pair of them. Sven kneels down at the bedside and kisses her cheek and hair and, she turns her head to him, and he kisses her fully, quite taking her breath away. She senses Nicole slipping quitely out of the room, as he moves down to suck her breasts. " Do you want everything, or do you want me to make you come?" asks Sven, "What's everything?" "Oral, and full sex. Whatever you want. But I am not hard yet, can you help me?" Sven drops his shorts revealing quite the bigest semi our heroine has seen, even in her dreams. After a brief hesitation she reaches out and takes hold of him, first with one hand then two, and works him, then pulling him closer and licking him while cupping his balls. He groans and grows for her, then he climbs on to the bed in soixante neuf position, his knees either side of her head, going straight down on her, while she takes his huge balls in her mouth and continues to work him, through the gasps he's extracting from her. He moves back up to her nipples and kisses her again, her orgasm still continues to build as....she's still being licked. She hauls Sven's head out of the way, and looks down herself, only to see, the top of a blonde head , whose liquid tongue is under the hood of her clit, and wreaking havoc there. Lyn sobs. Sven is fully charged now, and ready to rock. "You want to make love now?" She gasps as Sven rolls a condom on and moves to the end of the bed, Nicole moves to one side, looking at Sven and moves away, licking her lips. Sven takes himself in hand and positions himself and pushes gently into Miss Jones. She flinches at the size of the thing. Nicole comes back in, and hoists Lyn's legs up and to the sides, "You might need to get on top" she says, and deftly slips two fingers in to test the water. Lyn gasps once again at this treatment. She's led off the bed as Sven takes her place, and she unsteadily climbs back onto the bed astride him. She wobbles and Nicole, catching round the shoulders, shepherds her into docking position. With Sven taking hold of the the enormous dick and Nicole catching Lyn round the waist she is lowered cermonially onto the organ. A noise like OOaF escapes her lips. Her muscles are struggling, and between the Swede and the blonde she is held aloft so as to not fall right down onto it. "Come on, just relax, you can take the width, just don't sit right down onto it " says Nicole to Lyn's near ear. "You could have a baby which is much bigger" she giggles. Lyn moans as he starts to move into her. Nicole's hand lingers, cupping Lyn's buttock, part supporting, and part stroking. Lyn shivers as feels Nicole's lips brush her shoulder blade. Sven takes Lyn's hands and places then on his chest, telling her "Here, take your weight on your hands, you control now". Nicole lets go of Lyn and moves away. Her feet planted either side of him, his giant hands grasp her bottom, taking her weight and moving her her up and down on it. Lots of MMf noises escape our lovely, before she dives forward onto him to kiss him, he scoops her up as she hugs him for comfort, before rolling her over onto her back. Without dismounting he flips her and begins powering into her from above, still holding back by only using the first 2/3 or so. She wraps her legs round his back, and holds on for dear life. She feels her climax come upon her like a tidal wave, gasping and screaming in turn, she spasms, feeling sure she will squeeze him to his peak too, but as she gets her breath back she realises he is just carrying straight on, he's slowed down to a gentle canter, and is smiling down at her.

She gasps up at him, wide eyed (even for Lyn). "How big is that thing?" she giggles, "It varies" he grins, "usually about 9, sometimes when I'm very very horny it's 9/12, it's over 7 inches round though. I had to be circumsized when I was 13 because the knob was too big!" " I know I can feel it" she giggles. He pulls back slightly, and tell hers to flip over onto her hands and knees, which she gingerly does, again without dismounting. He resumes his steady rhythm, giver her not too much and not too little, making her gasp every so often, one hand cupping her breasts and the other snaking round to the soaking bush of hair to tease and stroke her there, finally resting with his fingers either side of his organ, lifting her sticky lips slightly to one side, and teasing the c!it with the thumb. "You have a beautiful bottom" he says, bringing the breast hand back to spread the cheeks, "has anyone been in here?" he gently touches her there with a wet finger , and she twitches against him. "NO Don't" she says firmly "You can touch me, but no willies in there please" "I cannot anyway", bemoans Sven "No one has a big bottom for me, it is a good thing I am not gay, although as Nicole says, I would get more work" . His hands drop back to encircle her waist.

He ups his speed and a pace a little and begins to give her a little more of his "love", eliciting some little squeals which were possibly appreciative and possibly not. Gaining confidence and valuing the privacy of the absence of Nicole, she reaches back under herself to feel both herself and Sven, stopping to cradle the great orbs which were still not getting close enough to touch her bottom, so he was far from having finshed playing it out as yet. She also found them far from having drawn up to his body, still swinging there, quite casually, and according to Nuala Byrne Chapter 401 this meant he was not ready to pop by a long shot. She was though, all of a sudden she could feel her getting ready for #4 or was it #5 and her thighs were about to expire.

Some moments later her sweaty face in the pillows and her soaking bottom in the air, she landed, panting. Sven paused "You okay, baby?" "God, I need a drink, and the toilet and a cigarette"

Sven pointed the way to the bathroom and said he'd get Nic to fix her a drink. As the nude Lyn rather shakily made her way past an open door, from inside of which came Nicole's voice, in French evidently on a phone. When she got there, there was a shock. Nicole stood there, totally naked, leaning back against her dresser, drinking wine, smoking. An impossibly perfect body, the pubes waxed almost to nothing, big gravity defying breasts, Lyn doubted nature could have made these, but still felt quite jealous. They regarded each other for a moment, before she proceeded on to the bathroom , where she sat for while, before having a 30 second shower, and padding back down the corridor to Sven , thinking on the way should she leave. She was abundantly satisfied, though still tingling, but she felt Sven needed her attention, as she was unsure if she was being charged here!

Nicole, still on her call, provided her with a large glass of ice cold wine and a cigarette, on her pass. And Lyn went back to Sven's room. She found him lying on the bed, legs apart, he'd taken the condom off and he had his great fist wrapped round the shaft, gently pleasuring himself. He seemed a little embarassed at her seeing him , he blushed slightly and said "Come here" patting the bed beside him. He drew her towards him and settled her head on his lower chest. Her hand reached down to cup his balls. She alternated between kissing his mouth, his chest, and licking the head as he gently pulled it towards her mouth. He whispered in her ear. Following closely his instructions she placed her knees either side of his head, with her body above his, gripping his shaft, her face above it, tickling it with her hair, as he sat her down onto his face. Her eyes closed as he gently lapped deeper and deeper. She was startled to feel a darught and through her half closed eyes glimpsed something blue falling towards the carpet beyond Sven's feet. She was startled as a second pair of hands stroked her back. She looked up and climbing on to the bed beside her was a spectacularly naked Nicole, who appeared to have spent quite some time beautifying herself. No mean feat. Lyn looked doe eyed at the intruder. Nicole whispered "It's okay" as she kissed Lyn's forehead and eyelids, the pleasuredrome at the other end was acting like drugs to our heroine, but Sven was growing impatient. "Come on girls, do something, I'm doing all the work here", Nicole smiled and fed the head to Lyn who as before took the first and smallest point of the arrowhead to work on with her lips, and lap at, Nicole allowed her a few moments before bending it back toward herself and taking it deeply into her mouth. Moving up Sven's body Nicole unceremoniously sat herself on the beast, no condom and no foreplay and not a great deal of time for Lyn to even get out of the way, firmly anchored as she was at Sven's face, all she could really do was sit up straight and gasp at the treatment his tongue was giving her and the close up view of these two humans rutting as close as you are to this screen. She watched in fascination at the huge organ slipped in and out, feeling yet another orgasm coming up her.

Choreographed by some unseen and unheard signal, Sven lifted Lyn a few inches off his face, into the air, his tongue now snaking it's way between her cheeks, at this moment Nicole bent forward and licked the length of Lyn's opening, up the the top, in out, in out before burrowing inside the hood to tongue there, a gasp escaped Lyn, but with Sven below and Nicole above, she felt their tongues may even meet in the middle of her. YES cried a voice from beneath, now come out from between the exquisite cheeks of Miss Jones to watch the fun, Nicole's tongue mercilessy wrenching a final climax from the squirming Lyn. She continued to pound up and down on the big feller, until she thought he was spent. And he was.

It turns out this was a freebie, following 2 paying clients that day, rendering this chap with more staying power that Sting on coke, and who would not pop if he had an orgy of cheerleaders in a jacuzzi, and a sore as a very sore thing, wrapped in sandpaper.

One would think where was no graceful way to withdraw from this scenario. And there wasn't. Lyn gave no indication of whether she enjoyed it before she skipped off for another shower.

In the end, dressed, she came back into the room, and with as much dignity as she would muster laughed "You're RUDE"

Boy ain't that the truth.

As confessed by Lyn J 5/2/02. Dramatised by DME for readability.

Thanksgiving At The Robinsons (oral, public)

Thanksgiving At The Robinsons (oral, public)
By: Michael (

I could feel my prick spasm and my balls tense as my jism began to rise. I sat there at the table looking around at the faces surrounding me like a deer in the headlights of a truck.

I knew that I was about to cum any second but there was nothing I could do to stop myself. I was beginning to pant and I knew that everyone in the room must know what I was about to do.

When I'd first accepted Cheryl's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at her folk's house during school break I'd never even thought about something like this. When we first arrived I was fascinated by Cheryl's large family gathering. Being an only child of older parents I'd never attended an event like this before.

'Event' was all you could call it. There were at least 30 people ranging from toddlers to grand parents, siblings and nephews, cousins, the works. At first I didn't notice Cheryl's younger sister. She must have been introduced to me when we first arrived, but with so many people to remember I guess I forgot I'd met her.

That was soon to change.

Cheryl's little sister was 18 and in between high school and college. Apparently she was planning on attending her freshman year in the new year. For some reason she seemed attracted to me from the first. Maybe it was the fact that I ignored her in the beginning and she wanted to get my attention, whatever the reason she soon reintroduced herself in no uncertain terms.

I was standing on the porch sneaking a joint when I heard someone come up behind me and almost jumped out of my skin. Holding the joint behind my back I turned guiltily to see who the intruder was, only to find this young woman looking into my eyes with her smiling face.

She said that she wouldn't mind a hit if I wanted to share. I handed over the joint and in the process of smoking it to the nub I found out that she was Cheryl's younger sister Stephy.

To my complete surprise she took no time in offering to reciprocate. She said she had some Quaaludes in her room and left me standing there. But only for as long as it took her to get to her room and snag a couple of beers from the kitchen and her pills.

So there we were, sipping on our beers and flying pretty high on 'Ludes' with the entire Robinson family milling around the property. I didn't mind though because I was feeling no pain.

The fact that Stephy had her hand down the front of my pants as we looked out at the scenery from one end of the porch didn't hurt my mood either. She kept teasing me about Cheryl not being as good as her in bed, that I ought to try a really hot lover for a change.

I just joked with her about Cheryl being all I could handle, but I didn't ask her to remove her hand. I also knew - vaguely - that if Cheryl caught us like this I was dead meet. But how do you turn down a nice hand job from a pretty stranger in - pretty much - public?

My mind was getting even hazier, and I was beginning to drift pleasantly and all I really wanted to do was go to bed and fuck Stephy until I blew my load and then sleep. But suddenly we were heading in to the house. Apparently everyone was being called to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.

I was amazed at the spread of food on the table. It looked like one of those Rockwell paintings. There were two huge Turkeys a big ham and so many side dishes my confused mind couldn't even take it all in.

I was sitting by Cheryl. I looked guiltily around for Stephy but couldn't see her. But even though only a few moments ago I had been thinking about fuck her brains out I was so distracted by my a sudden hunger that I almost forgot about her.

Cheryl poured me a glass of wine and I gulped it down. I began to pig-out on Turkey and fixins' vaguely aware that this was the most food I'd ever seen in one place before. Although the conversation was getting past me I was enjoying myself and I was on my second glass of wine when I felt something bump into my leg under the table.

Then my eyes widened as I felt a hand at the fly of my jeans, tugging away at my zipper. I stopped eating as I felt fingers slip into the opened fly and felt my prick being fished out into the open.

I didn't know what to do. Should I jump up indignantly and shout at my attacker? Should I tell Cheryl that somebody was playing with my stiffening prick? Then it was too late. I felt hot moist lips and a tongue that quickly transported me into a hazy heaven of earthly delights.

How could this be happening to me? I knew in the back of my mind that Stephy was the one doing this to me. I looked around the room and still couldn't see her. I didn't dare to look down under the table and bring attention to what was happening to me. How could I ever explain it to Cheryl?

So there I was, in the middle of this huge family gathering, who were all gobbling food and having lively conversation, enjoying themselves immensely. And I was about to cum in the mouth of my girlfriend's little sister.

I felt those fingers cup my balls as hot most lips began to ride my cock in an ever faster and more energetic rhythm until there was nothing but that mouth and those fingers making me quietly groan in extreme pleasure.

I quickly looking down to see that the tablecloth was still covering my lap. I briefly noticed that there was movement under the cloth as if a head was bobbing against it.

Then as I blew my load I looked over at Cheryl beside me.

She looked at me and smiled. I couldn't believe that she couldn't tell what was happening. Then my body jerked as cum flew and I jerked again and gasped - I couldn't help it - my orgasm was so intense, what with grass, alcohol and ludes fueling it.

That's when I saw Stephy come into the room. At the exact moment I was emptying myself into SOMEONE'S mouth! What the hell?! I was about to faint from my condition when 'whoever' it was under the table finally decided they'd had enough.

I felt one final sucking motion then a tongue licked the head of my prick, cleaning it up, then fingers pushed my hot wet boner back into my pants and it was over.

I sat there is confusion. What should I do?

Finally I decided to do nothing. SOMEONE had given me a fucking fantastic blowjob, maybe the best one of my life, so what did I have to complain about.

After another hour or so the family moved away from the table and Cheryl took me by the hand and led me up to her bedroom and we fucked for the longest time. She was surprised at how long I lasted. Actually I was so drained from that fantastic BJ that I could have gone for ever that afternoon, but just thinking about being blown by some strange woman under the table while I was sitting next to my girlfriend in a roomful of her family was enough to finally make me fill her cunt with me cum.


We packed up early the next morning to head back to school. We had a three hour drive ahead of us and Cheryl was raring to go. As we headed out of the house she said goodbye to everyone we met and I was shaking hands. I could hardly remember anyone's name but I had enjoyed myself immensely and was feeling pretty mellow.

Just as he were heading to my car, a teenage cousin of Cheryl's came running over to us to hugged Cheryl, then he did something really strange. As I held my hand out to shake his he gripped it and leaned in and kissed me on the lips, pulling back he said, "You were great Brad, you really where. Thanks!" And he walked back to the house with a big smile on his face.

Normally I would have pulled back to fend off such an attack on my manhood, but I guess I was just so shocked that I hadn't reacted. Cheryl giggled at me and as we pulled out onto the highway she explained that her cousin was gay.

Thinking about the kiss he'd given me, she said, "You're lucky he didn't attack you for real. Bobby loves to give head and he's hard to fight off when he really wants some guy. I've known him to even use my sister Stephy to set up a guy for just that. They're quite a team those two. You're lucky you were with me."

Luck had nothing to do with it I thought to myself...


Sunday, September 12, 2010

chocolate and sex in BRC

chocolate and sex in BRC
By: Keymaster

He stopped to take a drink from his bottle and surveyed the scene. Out in the middle of a desert he had been in for over a week a City had sprung up around him. Was it an illusion brought on by the harsh climate, lack of sleep and far too much dust on the brain? Possibly, but it was too much fun to think about it too much. He decided to just enjoy.

He was in a ?club' out on the desert with about a thousand people dancing to the electronic music being spun by a DJ the booth above the ?dance floor' - the caked dirt of the desert. Lights flashed through the space illuminating the gyrating bodies with as few costumes on as possible to survive the chill in the air that came as the sun dipped behind the mountains that ringed the playa. The waxing moon cast a pale glow over the darker corners of the scene as it floated up over the mountains.

As he finished quenching his thirst, the crowd in front of him parted and she emerged. Her eyes locked on him, she held a small box in front of her. As she got closer she presented the box to him and asked if he wanted a sucker, with a glint in her eye and sly smile.

He glanced in the box and saw it had a few cheap lollipops in it. Not one to put cheap stuff into his body, he told "Not one of those, I have standards."

She was somewhat puzzled. Her flowing hair framed a gorgeous face with energetic green eyes and a radiant smile. Her long legs flowed into her perfectly portioned hips and round ass. Her slender waist was accentuated by those traits and by her breasts that were large enough to be noticed but not too big that they got in the way. It was obvious to any who looked upon she was a stunning natural beauty. She knew that most other people (men and women) would rank her as a 9 or a 10. When she offered things, she did not get turned down.

He watched with amusement for a second as her mind raced to figure out why this man might have turned her down. Letting her thing about it long enough, he asked "How would you like a piece of good candy? I have some dark chocolate..."

Her eyes lit back up as she heard one of the few terms that made her salivate. She loved dark chocolate almost as much as she loved to be touched. She nodded and watched as he reached into a small bag he had. He was wearing glasses that framed in kind eyes that told people he knew of things you can only imagine, but his smile and words revealed an edge - he would tease and dance you around his secrets to make sure you were able to accept them for what they were. He was taller than most men, enough that he could look out over most crowds to find what he needed. He was wearing loose clothes that reminded her of something a martial artist might wear. She could not see his body but could tell by how he carried himself and how he moved that he had a fit body below those clothes that she wanted to see.

He pulled a small package from his bag and broke off a piece of chocolate and guided it slowly to her mouth, never taking his eyes from hers. She opened her lips and stuck her tongue out slightly as he gently placed the coca into her mouth. She felt it melt into her mouth and the familiar wave of pleasure coursed through her. She kept her gaze on his as her body reacted to the treat he had given her.

He kept quiet as he let her body appreciate what he had given her. As her eyes fluttered shut and opened again slowly, he began to talk to her some more. They made small talk for a little while, learning a bit more about each other on a level that really mattered little now that they had shared a few moments of sensual connection. All they both knew was that they wanted to take that connection deeper.

He learned that she was a photographer who liked to take photos of nudes. "What inspires you to pull out your camera?" He asked.

"Generally, I prefer to take pictures of women who I find beautiful in some way - physically, emotionally or personality wise. I don't usually like to take pictures of men, but there's something about you that has me wanting to see more." She replied.

He just smiled and looked into her with those eyes. She knew he knew why she wanted to see more. He asked her to take him to his camera, so they could talk about it more. She held out her hand and led him through the crowds towards the edge of the space.

He took this opportunity to watch her hips and ass sway with the beat as she made her way through the crowds. Just as before, the crowds parted as she moved through, with both men and women alike admiring this goddess moving past them. It was clear to him that if they knew it or not, they felt the power of her energy before they saw her, and felt a burst of pleasure as it passed by them. He was pleased to be surrounded by her field of energy, and excited that he might have just met a woman who could keep up.

As the crowd thinned and the music faded, they walked side by side and continued to talk about photography, art, sensuality and energy. It was clear to both of them the sparks that were travelling between them, and their excitement built as they made their way back to her camp.

It was a short walk when measured by distance, but the time to get there stretched to accommodate the depth of the connection they were beginning to make.

"Here we are," she said as they got to a tent structure that was lit by a few strings of christmas lights. She opened the flap to let him in, and followed after him. As was common in Black Rock City, the first tent enclosed a smaller tent for sleeping, and an area for sitting, dressing and ?living'.

As she came through the door, she met his eyes again and they drew closer to one and other. Their mouths met with open lips and their tongues danced together as the rest of their bodies pressed against each other. She struggled to keep her tongue in his mouth as she tried to remove the clothes that were between their hard bodies.

He sensed her urgency and let it build for a moment before he decided to step away. He could see the puzzled look come up in her eyes again, as he grinned. This will be fun, he thought to himself. He removed the scarf around his upper body, revealing his chest and tight abs to her. Her look changed quickly from confusion back to lust. He looped the scarf over her body and pulled her towards him.

He looked down at her body pressed against his, her round tits a nice contrast to his chiselled torso. She looked to him and caught his eyes as she slid down his body. As she got to his waist she grabbed the top of his pants and pulled them with her, never breaking her gaze. As her face came level to his crotch, she slid his cock into her mouth while still looking into his eyes.

He enjoyed her swirling her tongue around the head of his cock and how she would try to fit every inch into her mouth. He touched every part of her body he could reach, taking time to fully appreciate her tits. He liked to hear her moan as he lightly pulled on her nipples. She gagged a bit trying to take him in, but she kept sucking his cock. It made her pussy wet.

After a few moments, he had to sit back, and she kept her lips around him as he eased back. When he was on the blankets on the floor, he reached over to her ass and began to lightly stroke it, inviting her around to a place where he could get more access to her body.

He pulled her hips around so that she was straddling his face and pulled her tight pants off to see that she was not wearing any panties. He could smell her excitement and see her juices on her pussy lips. He took a deep breath as he moved his lips towards hers. She continued to suck his cock with enthusiasm and the excitement of what she knew was about to come.

She jumped with excitement as his tongue touched her clit for the first time. He loved the taste of pussy, and hers was particularly sweet. He licked just her clit, but every once and a while he'd lick the entire length of her slit right to the start of her ass. She shuddered with pleasure as he did this. Soon, he began to use his hands to explore her pussy. He started by grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling them apart, opening her pussy lips at the same time. His tongue found its way deep inside her pussy. She moaned on his cock as he made her cum with his mouth.

She rocked her hips as he ate her pussy in a way that she had never experienced. His tongue just seemed to know where to go to make her feel electric. She came again, with a rush of juices flowing from her pussy onto his face and into her mouth. As great as this felt, she needed to feel his swelling cock in her pussy.

She lifted off of him and spun around, quickly bringing her face to his. She could smell her excitement on him, and it turned her on even more. "Fuck me" they said in unison as she brought her lips to his mouth and her other lips slid smoothly down on his cock.

It was a stretch to take his cock in her pussy, and there was a bit of pain, but it was the type of pain that felt good. Tasting herself on him and feeling his cock fill her completely was enough. She arched her back, threw her head into the air, with her hair whipping back as she let out a very loud "yesssssssssssssssssss. Oh god, fuck me"

He gladly obliged, pumping his cock in and out of her. Their bodies became sweaty together, as they slammed together with loud slapping sounds. He held her ass in his hands as she bounced on him, holding her cheeks apart enough that she felt like he was splitting her in two, and she loved every second of it. "Holy fuck, you are a stud" she exclaimed as he continued to fuck her for what she thought must have been at least an hour.

He thought to himself that it was time, as he brought his hands around to her hips as they rocked back and forth on his cock. Using his thumbs, he began to press into her abdomen, just below her belly button. He could feel his cock thrusting in and out of her, and was pleased as he got the reaction he had hoped for. Her eyes widened as her moans got louder. Her thrusts became more frantic as she felt, for the first time, g-spot stimulation while a cock was inside her.

She came again with a scream and a whimper and collapsed on top on him. He lay back and allowed her to feel the waves of pleasure flow over her.

Weakly, she spoke "I've never been fucked for that long before, and no one has done THAT to me before. Where did you learn this stuff?"

He just looked at her with those knowing eyes and smiled as he stroked her hair. "Let's take a bit of a break," he said.

"But you didn't come yet..." she said with some confusion. "I want to make you come..."

"There will be time for that, but you'll need to rest a bit first - I've got a lot more to show you" he said calmly as he passed her a bottle of water.


By: Felix McCliche (

Slidell By Felix McCliche Copyright © 2005

If you travel from Mobile to New Orleans there's a wonderful steak-house in Slidell, just inside the Louisiana state line. And that is where I am this afternoon, enjoying my meal, and although I'm chatting with my friends, Ted and Pauline, I'm thinking of you. You're probably boarding your plane now, ready to flit east and south. I wonder what your wearing. Probably that short traveling skirt and a loose blouse and jacket? Did you insert those Ben-Wa balls? Will you flirt with the other passengers? Will they have champagne on your flight? How eager for me will you be when our complex trajectories intersect at the Maison St. Charles?

The other advantage of traveling from Mobile to New Orleans is that I can stop and visit my friends Ted and Pauline, who have been living on their boat since Ted's retirement a few years back. This steak dinner is my way of thanking them for their hospitality.

I arrived at Ted and Pauline's boat - Big Shoe - yesterday afternoon, an afternoon as hot and steamy as it can be in southern Louisiana at the end of July. Pauline met me on the dock as I unstrapped my bag from the Interceptor. She gave me a kiss as soon as I had my helmet off.

"You've got to be way too hot, honey. We better get some of those clothes off before you get that cold beer." She grabbed one of my bags and turned away and started walking to the boat. "Ted's gone off to do a survey. Well, I think that's what he said; I'm just thinking that he was looking for an excuse to get away from me; complains I'm wearing him out. Good thing you're in town for a bit."

Ted and Pauline are old enough to be my parents, but although they've provided lots of parental type advice, they aren't my parents. Which is a good thing, because I believe incest is still illegal in most states.

At sixty, Pauline still has the body that caught the attention of a young sailor more than forty years ago. She still looks good in a string bikini, which is what she was wearing in that oppressive humid heat. Her hair was still quite blonde, although she might have been cheating at that. I didn't know for sure, since she keeps her pubic area smoothly shaved. I felt the heat myself; on the bike the air movement kept me cool, but here, right beside the ocean, almost no breeze. I stripped off my jacket and dropped it in the cockpit beside my helmet.

Big Shoe is a 44-foot sportfisherman. She's not a "goddam yacht" Ted is always quick to point out. "She's a fishing boat." It's a nice boat, they've had her for about a decade. She's just right for a couple, with space for occasional visitors. But she is a fishing boat, which has become Ted and Pauline's passion. Well, they have a few other passions ...

"I've got the air on inside, so come down to your cabin and get some clothes off you." I followed her happily. She opened the door to the quarter-berth. "Now sit down and I'll help reduce the stress of travel." She knelt in front of me and undid my jeans and pulled them off and gave a little smile when she saw I wasn't wearing underwear and that I was already hard and she undid her bikini bottoms so she pushed me back on the bed and straddled me and I saw her vaginal lips were already moist and she wriggled a bit and used her hand to work my penis into her and then settled down onto me.

She smiled. "That feels good." Her hands were on my chest and she rotated her pelvis so my penis was pressed against the front of her vagina and slowly moved up and down, all the time smiling. "I've been horny all morning thinking about you.. I already fucked Ted twice. Can't wait till he gets back."

I reached up and undid her top as she rocked on my penis. She had small firm breasts that hadn't been affected much by 60 years of gravity, but now they were adorned, rings in each nipple. I fingered them, and she smiled. "What do you think? I had them done about six months ago, during Mardi Gras. There might have been a bit of gin involved, but on sober second thought I figured it was a good decision. Makes the nips more sensitive. And of course Ted loves them." All the time she talked she was riding my penis, up and down, rotating her pelvis and I could feel her pleasure as she quivered. I moved a hand down her belly and began probing at her sex, but she pushed my hand away and buried her own fingers in her sex. "Nothing personal honey, but I been doing this a lot longer than you and I'm a lot better at it." She began moving faster and faster and I gripped her hips as she stroked her clitoris and began an orgasm. "You come for me now, baby," she said. "Come right now!" I've always been obedient to parental authority so I grabbed hard and ejaculated inside her as she quivered.

"That was good, baby," she said. "It's been a while." She was still rocking on my softening penis, still stroking her clitoris. "I think ... " she said ... "I think ... oh yes, oh yes!" And she came again, straddling me, quivering, giving me a minute to admire her body. She couldn't weigh a hundred pounds, barely over five feet tall, very sharply defined pixie features on her face, her eyes glued to mine as she rolled through another orgasm and then collapsed on my chest.

Ted and Pauline enjoy a relationship that I call loving, casual infidelity. He's a big man, well over six feet, built like the amateur boxer he was. But he was a U.S. Navy commander, Captain of a destroyer, with a career that started during the Viet Nam years and ended with retirement just after the invasion of Iraq.

"They wanted me to stay," he'd told me at last year's boat show in New Orleans. "Hell, the brass even offered me a desk job close to home. But I was sixty-four years old, and I wanted a bit of rest. And there are lots of bright young fellers out there, and the old farts like me were restricting their advancement. I've done my service for my country and I'm proud of it, but I was getting tired. You know what it's like running a destroyer? People think it's glory, but 99 per cent of the time it's just like you're running a company with about 300 employees and you spend your time managing personalities. And every once in a while you get to make the guns go ?bang'."

He'd made a lot of guns go bang in the Gulf of Tonkin, a deck officer in support of the aircraft carriers, and then he'd served as gunnery officer on the New Jersey, that last great battleship with the 16-inch guns that bombarded the north from 15 miles offshore. Since then he worked his way up to the Captain's Cabin, and roamed the world in a destroyer.

Pauline worked in marketing in the marine industry, which was where I met her a decade ago. I'm no salesman, but I can work a booth on occasion, and she was working for a competitor, and I noted their booth was a lot busier than ours. It took me a while to figure out she was offering ... services ... which I couldn't provide. You've got to remember that at that time I was 30 and she was 50, so I sort of wondered. But as I age I can appreciate her more. So on the last night of the show I invited her out for a drink, and one thing led to another, and let's just say that since then the two companies have begun working more co-operatively than competitively.

I was worried the first time I met Ted, but Pauline just giggled. She introduced us about three months after we had become occasional lovers; his ship was in port in Norfolk, and I was there to assess the new design for the Inshore Boat Unit. He smiled, was friendly and hearty. "I'm glad to hear you've been entertaining my bride when I'm at sea." Now, I don't know for sure that Ted had lovers other than Pauline, because he never told me. Sailors, however are considered to be single when they're at least one day's sailing away from home port, so I'm pretty sure Ted had his adventures. But I do know for sure that Pauline has other lovers than me and Ted. Many of them. As I say, loving, casual infidelity.

Pauline stirred as I slid out of her, kissed me and climbed off. "I better clean up. Between you and Ted I've had a gallon of come pumped into me today. I'll have to see how many more gallons I can get." She headed for the toilet, but kept chatting. "I know I promised you a cold beer, but I'm hoping I can buy you one in town if you can give me a lift, ?cause I also gotta pick up a few things for dinner. Ted's not going to be back with the truck till about six."

"I only brought one helmet."

"Sweetie," she stuck her head around the door, "this is Louisiana. And beside it's only a five minute ride, all slow streets. And there's something I want to try."

I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and went forward to the main cabin. Pauline was going through the closet. "Figure I better wear something more than a bikini if I'm going shopping." She took one of Ted's shirts, long, white, tailed, silky, and put it on, leaving enough buttons undone to show some cleavage. She doesn't have a lot, being trim and small-breasted. Then she took one of Ted's ties, red and flashy, and tied it as a belt around her waist and turned to look at me with a question on her face.

"You look ravishing."

"Well good. Maybe I can get ravished some more," and she laughed. She slipped on some sandals and rummaged in a drawer. "One more thing." She pulled out a silver vibrator, just six inches long, the kind designed to be fully inserted, and she bent over, pulling up the skirts of her shirt. "Slide that in there, will ya honey?" Her slit was still moist and the vibrator slid in easily. "Now you see the switch? Flip it on for me." I pressed the button and she twitched as it started up. "Now I'm ready to straddle that machine."

We rode slowly into the market area and Pauline pressed against me, her arms around me and legs widely spread and I could tell she was rotating her hips to press her clitoris against the seat and after a few minutes I heard her gasp as she had an orgasm. I found a place to park and she was still panting as she dismounted.

"Oh baby, that was good. But I gotta get this thing out or I ain't gonna get much shopping done." I stood in front of her as she stood against the wall and reached between her legs and dropped the glistening vibrator in her purse. "I gotta convince Ted to get himself a motorcycle," she said, laughing again. We walked through the market area and she picked up some vegetables and a baguette. "I already got steaks thawing; we just need some fresh shrimp."

People in the market knew her well; they'd been keeping Big Shoe in Slidell since they bought her 10 years ago. And then in the last couple years had been living on board all the time. "This is my new boyfriend," she'd say. "Decided to kick old Ted overboard." The woman behind the seafood counter laughed and said: "Whereabouts? I'll go fish him out!" It was a cheerful, pleasant shopping trip, and I constantly admired Pauline for her casual sexiness.

"How's the wine cellar?"

"Not very full. Wine don't keep too good on a boat. It don't like the movement. No shortage of beer and Bourbon, though." I hate Bourbon, although on my first trip to New Orleans I made a point of having a glass of Bourbon on Bourbon Street.

I found a liquor store and bought a couple bottles of Wolf Blass. "I believe you owe me that beer now," I said, so she took my hand and led me to a little bar open to the waterfront where we settled on a couple stools with a view of the river.

"Hey there Pauline," said the bartender, a young black fellow with spiked hair and a broad grin. "You bring in your grandson? Maybe I should I.D. him?"

"John," she said turning to me, "that child's name is Harper and I instruct you not to tip him. Grandmother! Oh my!"

"I wasn't gonna tip at all Granny; you said you were buying the beer."

She laughed and turned to Harper. "See if he was really my grandson he'd be buying his old Granny a beer instead of trying to look down her shirt."

"Well, it's definitely a shirt with a view," said Harper. "Michelob? You sir?"

"Make it two," I said.

We sat and chatted about the boats and their travels - they'd spent the two months after the Mardi Gras down in islands, poking around the Bahamas, catching bonitos, enjoying the rum. "But you know that Ted, he just can't stop working. There was this Coast Guard cutter that somehow or other wound up in Nassau for repairs and most of the crew had been sent home so they needed a qualified skipper to get her back to Jacksonville, so he abandoned me for four days."

"That would be terrible, to be abandoned in Nassau. How ever did you keep yourself amused."

"Oh, I met a few people." Her eyes twinkled.

"Should only be a two day run up to Jacksonville. What was he doing the rest of time?"

"Well, you know what they say in the Navy: ?Don't ask; don't tell'. But you can guess. Probably playing golf. God I hate that game. Waste of a good day's walk."

We laughed and chatted some more and drank a couple more of those watery American beers and then she reached under the bar to the inside of my thigh. "There's something else I wanna try, now that you've got the bike here. Are you ?up' for it yet."

"Always ?up' for you Pauline."

We packed our purchases in the saddle-bags and then Pauline directed me away from the water and to a secluded park about two miles inland. We followed a trail till finally she tapped my knee and said "in there." It was a bit of a picnic spot, totally surrounded by trees, quiet as anything when I shut the engine off. All the way there Pauline had been caressing my penis through my shorts and it was quite firm when we swung off the bike. She undid my shorts and took me in her mouth and made me as hard as I've ever been. On her instructions I put the bike on the centre-stand and then she straddled it, sitting on the front, leaning forward to the handlebars. She took the vibrator out of her purse along with a tube of lubricating cream that she smeared on her backside, and then slid the vibrator into her vagina.

"Now you get your cock into my ass," she said. I straddled the bike, crouching on the rear pegs and began working my penis into her back door, gently, slowly. "Oooh, that's good baby. I like it this way. Hell, I like it any old way." She laughed. "Ted don't do this too much more. Not ?cause he doesn't like it, but we used to use it as birth control. Don't have to worry about that anymore." While she talked I slid all the way into her and was moving slowly. "Now reach down and flip the switch on that vibrator."

I found it, and effect was instantly electric, I could feel it through her flesh against the underside of my penis and she gasped as I began moving quickly. Normally I try to be gentle with anal sex but in this case I couldn't resist and gripped her hips and began pounding with full strokes and she began moaning, begging me to pump harder and she began to come, the muscles on her arms standing out as she gripped the handlebars and I could not hold back and came deep inside her. But she kept quivering, even after I'd slid out of her.. "Oh! Oh! I can't stop coming!" She stiffened again, and I knew her clitoris was pressed against the leather of the seat. "Turn it off, baby!"

But I didn't. I slowly withdrew it from her and her spasms decreased until I pressed the tip between the seat and her clitoris and she reared up until I took it away and pressed, still vibrating, against her anus and slid it about halfway in and put my hand against her sex, thumb inside her and one finger on her clitoris until she had another climax, and then I slid it completely inside her backside until her rosebud closed over it.. She lay there, panting on the motorcycle, hands still gripping the handlebars, so I kissed her naked buttocks and rubbed her back through the shirt, then pried her fingers off the handlebars and sat her back, know it would embed the vibrator even more deeply. Her eyes were glazed, and she was still quivering.

"You gonna leave that there, baby?"

"Sure, why not?"

She laughed. "You know baby, I might have to ride side-saddle for a while." She took a cloth out of her bag and cleaned herself up a bit, then combed her hair in the motorcycle mirror. "We must reek of sex."

"We probably do," I said as I buckled my belt. "But I've got a quart of Castrol 50 weight if you want to make us smell even better?" As far as I'm concerned there's nothing sexier than the smell of Castrol coming from a hot four-stroke engine.

"Let's just stick to sex. And we can wash that away with another beer."

So we rode back to the little bar, Pauline squirming a bit on the seat behind me, and just perching herself on the edge of the bar-stool. Harper gave us a look that said he knew what we'd been up to but quickly placed the beers on the counter. It was getting livelier with the 5 o'clock crowd, and lots of them knew Pauline and I got introduced and the talk turned automatically to boats and for the best part of an hour I forgot all about sex.. But you know me and sex ... and I realized that a bunch of the folks in the bar had had their way with Pauline. Or maybe she'd had her way with them. I could tell she was still experiencing a bit of physical discomfort, but after we'd been there for an hour she came over to me and said: "I think we killed the batteries, so I'm gonna go to the ladies room and see what comes out."

She came back in a few minutes, looking refreshed and more comfortable, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. "That was interesting, baby, but I think the next time you try that I'm gonna do the same to you." Her eyes sparkled.

"Gramma, the suns going down and it's going to get chilly. Maybe we should get you back to the boat and wrapped up in a warm shawl?"

She giggled. "Yeah. Time to cook some supper."

There was, of course, no need for a warm shawl on that hot Louisiana night. We unloaded the bike, I was set to work chopping vegetables and making strawberry dacquiris while Pauline cleaned the shrimp.

"I'm not even going to light the grill till Ted comes back," she said. "He said six, but once he gets down into the bowels of a boat he could be gone for a week. Dunno know what you fellas see in there." My mind was working on euphemisms ... throbbing shafts, thrusting pistons, nipples to be greased ... but I kept my mouth shut. She'd been in sales ... still was vaguely in sales, working shows occasionally ... so should know exactly what we saw in there.

"Now tell me, Pauline, when did you first start having other lovers?"

"Start? There was no starting point. With me and Ted that was just sort of a given."

"Even when you were first married?" That's not the kind of question to ask of your mother, but when she's a lover as candid as Pauline it works just fine.

"Well, I guess it was in Norfolk. ?Bout a year after we were married. Now you may be aware that I quite enjoy sex." I nodded. "Well he'd just come back from Nam and was going through some more training so he was almost always home. And let me tell you, we fucked like rabbits." Subtlety is not one of Pauline's strong points. And as I continued with my kitchen patrol, she told the story of her encounters.

"At first he'd just be gone for a few days at a time, or maybe a week or so, and that was fine. But then he got posted as Nav officer to ... let's see ... was it the Rochester? Don't matter. They were going to the Med for two months of NATO exercises. I often wondered about that. I mean NATO is ?North Atlantic', but in the middle of February you get sent to Italian waters with all them Corsican girls and the Sangria wine ... but I'm getting off topic."

Pauline had gotten to know a number of Navy wives by then and their husbands were all sailing along with Ted. There was an element of loneliness, and there was one girl "Sheila? Shirley? Something like that" that she had been quite close with. After a couple weeks of being husbandless they sat around with a bit too much Bourbon and wound up in bed together.

"Now let me tell ya son, you may think you know how to make a woman come, but nobody can eat pussy like another woman!" This went on for a couple weeks, but Pauline got bored. "And then I discovered the Seals."

"Pauline I was going to post this as a story on the web-site, but they don't allow bestiality."

She swatted me with a tea towel. "You know what I'm talking about. The U.S. Navy Seals. See, they don't work on the same schedule as the fleet. They're the spooks, you know, flitting into the combat zones at night, swimming ashore, blowing up stuff, and getting out before the break of day, always risking life and limb. Or so they told me."

"They just told you that to get you into bed."

"Maybe, but who cares. I got them into my bed."

So after that Pauline got into the rhythm. The day the fleet sailed, with Ted aboard, she'd go down to one of the bars swarming with sea-widows and just a few stray men.

"My rule was: ?Go ugly, go early.' Pick up a guy who didn't look like he'd ever had a date in his life and take him home and give him a good workout. If you wait too long in those situations you'll find yourself in a bar filled with horny women and the nearest available man half-way across the Atlantic." I laughed, but she just said: "You shoulda joined the Seals."

I would have learned more but we heard the rumbling sound of Ted's old Dodge diesel, and Pauline opened the fridge while I stepped onto the aft deck to greet him. "Good to see you John. Hope you've been keeping that girl entertained?" He grasped my right hand and put his left on my shoulder, just like Bill Clinton does. "Doing my best sir. It's been a while."

As I've said, I'd been nervous of Ted at first, but it soon became clear that he was used to the flings Pauline had, and besides, we developed a genuine affection for each other, Pauline or no Pauline.

"We had a great afternoon," Pauline said as she slipped a beer into his massive hand. "John took me shopping, and I introduced him to all our friends."

Supper was long and slow and relaxing. I was still sweaty from the exercises of the afternoon and the day on the bike and the Louisiana heat. With the sun setting the aft deck was comfortable. I asked Ted about retirement.

"Retirement?" he snorted. "You know, today I got paid twelve hundred dollars to look at some rich man's yacht and tell his insurance company that it wasn't going to sink tomorrow. You coulda done the same, ?cept you ain't got the right letters after your name." In his time in the Navy Ted had gotten his Naval Architecture degree; thirty years at sea might count for something, but in the private sector putting NA after your name counted for a lot more.

We talked about boats and business and what I was doing in Mobile.

"You ain't talking to that McCarty fella are you? His business ain't worth shit!"

"Well, I was talking to him, but I'm not now. I share your opinion."

"Yep. His shop is good to look at, but underneath there ain't nuthin' there." He paused. "And speaking of good to look at ... " he reached over and unbuttoned Pauline's shirt, exposing her nipples. "You seen these? Well of course you have! You've been here all afternoon." He caressed the right, and I reached out and caressed the left. Pauline wriggled and sighed. "They're just downright beautiful. You know when she first did it I thought she was a bit off her rocker. But the more I see, the more I like."

We continued caressing and Pauline wriggled in her seat and sighed some more. "I think I need to be taken to bed. You boys want to flip for me?"

"I believe the Captain of the vessel has first rights," I said. "Besides, somebody has to clean up the dishes." They both laughed. "And I mean it," I continued. "You two lovebirds run off; I know my way around."

Big Shoe is an efficient vessel. The main cabin is at deck level with a galley and seating as well as the lower control station, a perfect socializing place in bad weather. Forward and downward is the head with shower, a smaller sitting room, the main stateroom, and the quarterberth, which was my cabin for the night. I cleaned up and finished off the wine, watching a baseball game on TV (I sighed at the fact I couldn't find the Blue Jays), all the time noting the sounds from forward. There is no privacy on a boat; by the time I'd tidied the galley and secured the boat and had a shower there was still a mild rocking induced by the forward cabin. I was dropping off to sleep ... it must have been midnight ... when the motion stopped. I was half-dozing when I heard the shower running and then stop and then my cabin door opened. The light was dim, but it was clear Pauline was naked.

"Honey, I forgot to give you a good-night kiss." But her mouth didn't approach mine; she pulled the sheet off me and took my penis into her mouth and quickly, expertly sucked me. "Sleep tight," she said as she kissed me, the salty taste of me on her lips.

I slept tight until first light when there was another tap on the door, and no matter how much I like sex I was beginning to feel a bit worn out. How DID Ted cope? But it was Ted's eyeball that appeared around the doorframe. "You know it occurs to me," he said, "that of the three of us on this boat, one of is getting fucked twice as much as the other two." I rubbed my eyes; it was too early for algebra. "So I figure the other two should go out and get some fresh snapper!"

"Geez, Ted, I'm sorta worn out."

"Not that, you Canadian idiot." I liked his pronunciation: Canajun Ijjut. "Red Snapper. I know a spot on Pontchatrain that's darn near for certain. I'll run the boat, you fish."

"Okay. Just give me a couple of minutes to wash up." I went to the toilet and heard Ted up on deck arranging gear and was going to go up the companionway when I glanced into the main berth and saw Pauline laying naked in the sheets and beckoning me, arousing, so I went into their cabin.

"Don't talk," she said. "Just fuck me. Hard and fast." So I did. I mentioned I follow instruction well. I threw her legs over my shoulders and plunged in, holding her tight, pounding as hard as I could, and came in less than two minutes. I'd watched the digital alarm clock by the side of the berth. I had no idea if it was gratifying for her; I was just doing as I was told. I buttoned my shorts and went up on deck to help Ted with the lines and then he pulled the boat away from the dock, playing one engine against the other till we were pointed for open water.

"Better make a pot of coffee," he said from the fly bridge.

"I feel more like I need something with an eyeball in it, but coffee's probably okay."

I brewed a pot and poured it in two covered mugs to climb to the fly bridge. We were up on plane, going maybe 25 miles an hour heading northwest, Ted absolutely confident at the wheel. He took a long sip and lit a cheroot.

"You fucked her again this morning, dindja?"

"I was only doing what I was told, sir. I'm not the captain or the first-mate. I must follow orders."

He gave me a sly grin. "Dunno know what I'm gonna do with that girl." He called her "that girl" after 40 years of marriage. "See how clean and sparkling this boat is?"

"Sure is Ted. Awful shiny for a fishing boat. You do a good job."

"No I don't. You know, Pauline's got her money, and I got mine, but I always pay the marina bills. They charge for gas and dockage and such, and there's extra charges for pumpouts and water filling and deck cleaning. This boat's got the shiniest decks in the marina, but I ain't never seen a bill for deck-cleaning."

"Are you complaining?"

"Hell no! But next time I have to go away I think I'm gonna hire about half a dozen big black deck hands with ten inch cocks and tell them they have to satisfy her every hour, on the hour."

"You'd probably have a mutiny within a week."

He chuckled again. "Maybe you could be one of those deckhands?"

"Sorry captain, I'm afraid I don't have the right ... equipment."

"Now speaking of equipment; have you seen those new fibre-optic gyro-compasses? There was one on the boat I surveyed yesterday. Thirty thousand dollars they said! Just to tell you which way you're going. I tell ya."

"I know Ted. Back in your day you had your sextant for star-sights and had to eat biscuits full of weevils." We laughed, and talked about equipment until he throttled back The land around Pontchatrain is flat, with the only visual aids being the causeway and the electricity towers and the buildings of New Orleans to the south, but Ted knew exactly where he was going, dropping to idle and shutting off one engine and setting the autohelm.

"We're going about two knots, only got about 30 feet of water, so use that red spoon, and I'd say let out about ... oh ... a hundred feet of line."

I obeyed orders. We caught no snapper, but got two sea bass instead. "Hello breakfast," Ted said as he netted the first one for me. After the second we figured we'd had enough so Ted took us over to one of the shrimp boats working the shallow water and after negotiation a bucket of shrimp was swung our way, with a ten dollar bill put in the bucket for the return trip.

"I'll go clean these fish," said Ted. "You know your way back to marina."

I love driving Big Shoe. She's not a fast boat, but is tough as nails and can run all day at 25 knots. She's especially nice to drive when a sleepy-headed Pauline wearing just a T-shirt climbs up to the fly bridge and kneels in front of you and opens your shorts and takes your penis into her mouth.

"Mmm," she said during a break. "You taste like me."

When I throttled back coming into the marina she buttoned me again and scooted to the main cabin, emerging on the foredeck in a moment in her bikini, dropping the bumpers over the side and preparing the lines. I'm not as good a skipper as Ted; I'm used to little boats, but I know enough to not get in trouble and when Pauline snubbed the bow rope I was able to pull the stern in comfortably and even jump down onto deck to tie up the stern. I'm always amazed by the fact that Ted can dock the boat solo, but then he's used to dealing the 400-foot warships, so a little 44-footer can't be too much trouble.

We were tied up well and listening to fish and shrimp frying in the galley when Ted came out of the cabin with a red drink in his hand.

"I believe you Canadians call this a bloody caesar," he said, handing it to me, "but I made an addition just for you." A pair of fish eyes floated on the surface. I looked in Ted's eyes and then tipped the glass back and swallowed it in one long gulp.

Breakfast was pleasant, and then Ted made a proposal.

"I need another set of hands," he said. "Maybe two sets. And I need somebody a bit more petite than myself." He had to go back to the boat he was surveying and do some hull thickness analysis with a sensor inside the hull and the detector outside.

"And we also gotta look at the cutless bearings, and that means crawling under the engines. Honey?"

"I'm gonna get filthy, ain't I?" said Pauline.

The boat was about 70 feet, a trawler-yacht, sitting out of the water on a marine railway. We drove over in Ted's truck after breakfast. It's the kind of job that should be done wearing full coveralls, but that was impossible in the steamy Gulf heat. Ted and I wore shorts and T-shirts; Pauline, knowing she was going to be crawling under the engines had opted for a pair of short bib-overalls on top of a white T-shirt.

"I like the white T-Shirt cuz it'll show the grease stains real well and that way Ted'll be reminded of how valuable I am." She sat between us in the truck, one hand on each crotch, although to be fair, those crotches were having trouble reacting to the inspiration.

"She's Taiwan built," said Ted as we climbed the ladder deck and he unlocked the hatches. "They do a good job construction-wise, but I think their designers thing every mechanic in the world is the same size as your average Chinese. Which would be about Pauline's size."

We did the hull thickness analysis first, Pauline and I crawling into the compartments under the accommodation area. The boat was hooked to shore power so the AC was running, but in the holds it was airless and steamy. We did eight tests - four per side - and we were dripping with sweat, but I found it quite pleasant, wriggling myself into a comfortable spot, thinking about you. Another 10 hours. When we finally crawled out of the holds we were grimy and sticky.

"Somebody's gonna be scrubbing my back in the shower in the not too distant future," said Pauline. "Now what about those cutless bearings?"

The engine room was filled with a pair of beautiful Caterpillar diesels. "The problem here," said Ted, "is that the bearings are way aft. We can get at them by pulling up the soft patch in the aft cabin but then it would have to be re-sealed and that's a whole day's work. I'm thinking that Pauline can slither under the engines and put the stethoscope on the bearings I can turn the shafts from outside. And John, since we don't have the technology of two-way radios, you can be the intermediary in the communication chain."

Pauline dropped down the engine hatch and I followed. She got on her back and slid under the engines.

"These damn straps. They keep catching on stuff. John, hold onto the bottom of them shorts." I reached up her legs and she undid the snaps of the straps and wriggled a bit and suddenly there was a nearly naked Pauline under the engines. I found it very erotic, although I'm not exactly sure why. She wriggled her way forward ... well, aft actually, under the starboard engine first. "It's right here, right? Turn that prop."

"Turn the starboard prop," I yelled up the hatch and Pauline put her stethoscope against the bearing.

"Shit, this is a pain in the ass. Hold on a sec." I relayed the command and then Pauline wriggled deeper and deeper and managed to get crouching behind the engine, a place somebody the size of Ted or me could get only by removing the deck above. She straddled the shaft and looked back at me. "Biggest shaft I've ever had between my legs. Yell at Ted to start turning." I could tell that her naked crotch was pressed against the shaft, could see through the machinery.

Ted turned. Pauline grinned at me. "Don't worry. I ain't havin' an orgasm. We're being professional here, ain't we?"

But she did have an orgasm. It was after I'd relayed all the data to Ted and she did the other shaft and finally Ted asked us to hang on for 10 minutes or so while he made his notes and did his calculations and somehow Pauline managed to slither back between the engines and push me onto my back and straddle me. "Oooh ... that grease makes you slide in real nice" I wanted to say something about how it might not be good for her but her muscles were squeezing me and when she felt me ready to come she put her hand on her clitoris and came with me. About then Ted yelled at us so we put our clothes back on and crawled out of the engine room.

Pauline said: "John, you mind driving back. I need to give Ted a blow-job." I looked at Ted. He shrugged. Ted and Pauline and I had been quite intimate, but never quite like this. Pauline is small, and the cab of the Dodge diesel is big. I concentrated on the driving but couldn't resist caressing Pauline as she efficiently did what she said she was going to do.

Back on Big Shoe, we all had a nap. Pauline woke me up. "I'd give you a BJ, but we gotta save some for Alison."

So now we're having steak. Are you over Omaha now? My bag is packed. I long to be on the bike. I'll take the backroads, through the bayous. I'll be at the bar. You'll come in with your crowd. I'll be there, the guy with the rumpled hair and leather jacket.